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Reduce Mosquito problems

Spring is the time we all start thinking about getting outside and getting the lawn and landscape cleaned up and ready to enjoy for the sunny season. The last thing you want is to sit back on the patio after all your hard work and start getting attacked by pesky mosquitos!

Mosquitos are more than just a nuisance, they also carry diseases as well. Mosquito prevention should be part of your spring preparation.

Mosquitos lay eggs before winter and they freeze below 50 degrees, then hatch once the weather warms up. Spring rain creates perfect conditions for eggs to hatch. Mosquitos also breed and spend their first 10 days in stagnant water.

Here are a few tips for reducing mosquito activity on your property.

-Clean up standing water where possible. Change out the water in bird baths once a week. Fill any areas that puddle and hold water in your lawn.

-Keep the lawn mowed regularly to minimize coverage for mosquitos.

-Planting lavender, using lavender oils and burning citronella candles around deck/patio areas can help repel mosquitos.

There are many ways to help keep these annoying bugs away, but sometimes its best to leave it to the professionals. If you find yourself struggling with mosquitos and other insects call Lush Spray Service. We provide treatments that can greatly reduce these problems by fogging landscape and problem areas with plant safe products so you can enjoy your time outdoors!

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